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Juris-Fiesta Hello.  As Dean I'm always looking for more and better ways to communicate with you about what's happening in the law school and the broader community. I also want to address issues that might be of a concern to you or issues that are being discussed among the faculty and staff. 

You already know to consult the website, The Connection, Symplicity, the hall monitors, Facebook, and Twitter for information about what's going on, so please continue to do so.  But I believe in paving the trail where people walk, so if you travel in the blogosphere, feel free to connect with me here and, where appropriate, I'll send a response back.

I wanted to spend a couple of minutes today congratulating law students who have done some exceptional things in the community.  Nkechi Eccles-James was one of three students in the entire university to be honored with the John Wesley Leadership and Service Award that will be awarded at the commencement dinner next month. 

Many of you watched basketball last weekend, but you should also know there was a Final Four a couple weeks ago, this one in Hong Kong; the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Competition.  Hamline's team placed ahead of 60 teams from around the country to emerge as part of the final four in that competition.  I want to congratulate the two students on the team, 3L Doug Edelstein and 2L John Edison, and their coaches, Neda Shahghasemi and Professor Joe Daly, for their hard and excellent work in that competition.

Earlier this month, the Journal of Public Law & Policy helped Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) celebrate its 100th anniversary with an excellent and well-attended symposium; more than 300 people attended.  It examined barriers to legal, political, economic, and educational opportunity inequality that face citizens of low income in this region.  Congratulations to editor in chief Amy Schwarz and the symposium editor Amber Mulder for their hard work in making that event a success.

I personally enjoyed the Jurist Fiesta on March 14th and was inspired by the story of Cruz Reynoso, the keynote speaker.  The famed California civil rights lawyer who became the first Latino Justice of California's Supreme Court and is a Presidential Medal of Honor winner.  You can listen to his moving address as a podcast on our website.  Congratulations to the Latino Law Students Association for putting that event on, particularly to Dulce Mendoza, who is this year's winner of the organization's annual scholarship.

The Student Culture and Diversity Committee put on a very successful Culture and Diversity Style Show on March 9th, raising more than $1,300 for Project Homeless Connect in Minneapolis.

And then finally, congratulations to Hamline Law Hockey, which defeated William Mitchell for the Res Ipsa Cup; we're going to display it in the Admissions Office.  Most notably, that victory also raised $700 for the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation.  So congratulations to Captain Joe Van Thomme and his team.  You can read about all of this, all of these victories, on the Hamline news page on the website.

Reaching out beyond the campus and into the broader community in the public service has always been a core value of this law school; it is central to the Hamline brand and I am proud of these individuals and all of you who are answering that call.  So thanks for listening today and hopefully I'll see you next week.

Posted by Zoe Miron at 08/25/2010 11:38:44 AM